• Lubbock County Detention Center

    Lubbock County Detention Center

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  • Lubbock County Sheriff Shooting Range

    Lubbock County Sheriff Shooting Range

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  • Detention Processing Division

    Detention Processing Division

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  • Lubbock County Tactical Unit

    Lubbock County Tactical Unit

    Our tactical unit is trained to handle a variety of hostile situation. The men and women in this division have advanced training and skills. They provide a seldom needed yet vital service to Lubbock County.

  • Color Guard

    Color Guard

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  • Lubbock County K9 Tactical Unit

    Lubbock County K9 Tactical Unit

    Lubbock County Sheriff's K9 unit division. The K9 unit is responsible for take down of dangerous suspects. These brave animals put themselves in harms way to protect our officers and the citizens of Lubbock County from dangerous individuals.

  • Proudly Serving Lubbock County

    Proudly Serving Lubbock County

    Making a difference by dedication to service, specialized training, and execution of the law. We are the Lubbock County Sheriff's Department.

  • Sheriff Kelly S. Rowe

    Sheriff Kelly S. Rowe

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5th Annual Friends of Law Enforcement Golf Tournament


Thank you to all the sponsors and players who so graciously support us. 

Raffle Winners

Tyler Snelson

Brandon Helton

Tracey Siegfried

1st Place

Matt Powell

Mark Pigg

Brad Wyatt

Tim Tadlock

2nd Place

Drue Farmer

Carl Isett

Mark Hienrich

Stan Cribbs

3rd Place

David Pritchett

Bryce Daniel

Brandon Gumula

Halston Gumula





      It’s our amazing sponsors who make our events a huge success!